Museo Fallero (“Fallas Museum”)

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 46006, Valencia, Plaza de Monteolivete, 4
 10am - 7pm
 +34 963 52 54 78

In the current Museo Fallero (Fallas Museum) there remain principally those ninots indultats that, across the times, have been saved from the flames by popular vote and, in minor scale, saved by some Fallas Queens and Fallas Presidents, or by the so-called Raga awards.


Moreover, the announcer posters of the most important fallas of the year are exposed, as well as other elements of interest relating to the Fallas world. The installation of almost the totality of the ninots saved along the years will make the visitor see the festival evolution, observing from the first ninots which had wax head and hands and dressed with real clothes to the last and new ninots, made of papier-mâché and polystirene.


The Central Fallas Comission has made possible for the Fallas festival to show all that it deserves, through the Fallas artists and commissions best works, which constitute the alive history of a festival declared to be of International Tourist Interest.

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